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How can we help you when someone passes away - Doves Call Centre - 0861 025 500

You always have someone to talk to, please contact your local Doves branch or our Doves Call Centre for immediate help and support

Our Services

A comprehensive service, including restoration art, embalming, exhumations, cremation & chapel facilities, repatriation (national & international) is provided at most parlours. The company subscribes to the highest ethical standards, respecting the dignity of a funeral and being sensitive to the cultural, ethnic and religious needs of all our customers.

The arrangement and conducting of funerals are done through a countrywide network of 160 funeral parlours/offices, where legendary service is the prime objective.

What does Doves offer?

More often than not, the death of a loved one is the most unexpected event we face in the cycle of life. It is not easy to think about planning for a funeral. Taking a little time now and choose from our funeral insurance packages can give you great peace of mind, ensuring that you can have the funeral you want without placing a burden on your loved ones.

Doves provide transport for human remains from the place of death to the place of rest within the borders of South Africa and to the neighboring countries: Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Swaziland. This service is also available to National Contracts and Corporates.

You would need to register the death of your loved one within 5 days. Contact nearest Doves Office for assistance.

Once you entrust your loved one with us, we take care of them with respect and professionalism. Doves provides embalming services if required.

Doves can help you place a funeral notice in the local or national newspapers. We can help you draft wording and sending it to the publications, send an SMS, Email or Fax to the family members with an announcement.

Submit your required claim documents at any of the Doves offices nationwide.

The funeral arranging officer will guide you as to what is important in arranging a funeral event, from arranging the church, to the burial or cremation, and the memorial. Doves will communicate with the various entities and inform them of the funeral.

Special needs for the funeral can be discussed with the Funeral arranging officer from music, religious requests, cultural, preferred flowers etc. let us know and we can arrange it.

After the service at a church or chapel, the family proceeds to the graveyard where Doves will assist with the burial. Should you already have a family grave or plot, we can arrange to have it re-opened. After the burial you need to consider a memorial headstone or a new inscription on an existing one.

Doves arrange Cremation Services for families who prefer cremation to a burial services. Doves arrange for those families who want to see the Cremation to burial services process. We also assist families who want to scatter ashes.

Choose a headstone or memorial to Preserve the memory of a loved one.

Normally it is only after the funeral that the family and close members feels the extent of the loss. Visit our website for useful information on how to cope with grief and a list of organizations that can support you emotionally.

We assist with the removal of a body from a grave and reburial.